In a Class of their Own

Acting, singing & dancing classes (for ages 1 - 11 years)

Theatre Bugs has wide range of classes which are carefully designed for preschool and primary school aged children. You can be confident that your child is learning to act, sing and dance in a professional, supportive, nurturing environment.

If you are interested in classes for high school aged students, please visit our Adelaide Theatre Academy website.

12 years or older?

Journey to the centre of the stage at Adelaide Theatre Academy


Preschool Age Classes


Preschool Age Classes

Butterfly Ballet

Fun and delightful preschool classical ballet dance classes for beginners 3 1/2 – 5yrs old

Fairy Ballet

A new fairy adventure each week, with ballet dancing and singing for 3-5yr old girls and boys

Boppy Bugs

Music and jazz dance routines with a fun new adventure each week for 3-5yr old girls and boys

Busy Bees

A delightful class which introduces 1-3 yr olds to the world of music, movement, and song.

Primary School Age Classes


A boys-only hip hop class for 7yrs+, where they learn cool funky moves and routines in an encouraging environment


A delightful blend of classical and contemporary tap for students 10yrs and over

Intermediate Dance

Intermediate Dance is a fun kids jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance class for children aged 11yrs and over.

Junior Funky

Funky Bugs is a fun kids jazz, hip hop, contemporary dance class for children aged 8yrs and over.


Extending singing and dancing class with a focus on solo opportunities, for students aged 7yrs and over.

Advanced Combo: Level 3

Advanced musical theatre classes for experienced performers.

Combo: Level 3

For 9-11yrs, Combo 3 unites acting, singing and dancing within a single high energy class.

Combo: Level 2

For 7-8yrs, Combo 2 unites acting, singing and dancing within a single high energy class.

Combo: Level 1

For 5-6yrs, Combo 1 unites acting, singing and dancing within a single high energy class.

Why people love Theatre Bugs


of Mind

The safety and well being of your child is as important to us as it is to you. Our teachers genuinely CARE about your children. All teachers hold First Aid certificates, Police Clearances and receive ongoing training, mentoring and support.


For Life

Children learn to trust their own ideas, develop perseverance, empathy, teamwork, to feel confident in their own ability and develop the confidence they need to tackle the challenging situations they are confronted with in life.

No competititve@2x-K

Non-competitive Environment

We strive to make children feel proud of their personal achievements. Children are supported to develop at their own pace without the pressure of exams and competitions.


Unforgettable Experiences

Students participate in at least 2 performances each year which often involve sets, lights and costumes. Students are often invited to participate in events such as TV work, charity concerts, Fringe events, Christmas pageants and more!


We Understand

We know you are busy so we don't expect you to sew costumes. We know you need to budget, so we don’t charge for regular ‘in house’ performances. We know that family is really important so we invite all of family to attend performances.

Holiday Programs

Looking for something fun for your child to do in the school holidays? Holiday programs are a great way to keep active, make lots of friends and take part in acting, drama and singing workshops.  At the end of the one week program, students perform to family and friends.

Our professionally trained teachers adapt their lessons to suit your child’s specific needs.

They will learn to sing, dance or act at their own pace, in a safe, one-on-one friendly environment.

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Mask-Q-Rades Costumes

Mask-Q-Rades Costumes

Mask-Q-Rades has been happily assisting Theatre Bugs productions over the previous years at discounted prices, and are pleased that we can offer these students 10% off normal in store retail and hire rates.

Peta Boumeester-Parks Photography

Peta Boumeester-Parks Photography

Peta Boumeester-Parks takes promotional photographs for theatre Bugs. Parents have been absolutely thrilled with the quality of the photographs and Peta’s amazing ability to be able to capture a stunning of every child every time!